Abbas & Maisha

By the storytellers

Most brides are always chasing their videographers and photographers for their wedding photos, film and trailer but I think I might be the only bride where Ayaans film have had to chase the bride. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing they were on my day. I got married on 10th of March 2019 and the service that I received was immaculate.

Prior to the big event I had two other small events where unfortunately I didn’t get Ayaans Film but the difference in the service was visible. I think its common when it comes to family photo time there is always some issue, this was a issue for me as me and my partner have a relatively big family so during the other events it was difficult for the photographer to actually keep a balance and make it run smoothly but WOW Ayaans Films literally made my day amazing, I didn’t have to stress or worry about anything as they had everything under control. Everyone was happy and even my guest fell in love with them just with they way they carried themselves.

They were humble, patient, kind and reassuring. They held all the qualities that you would want from your day, even though it wasn’t their duty to help make our whole day run smoothly and seemlesly but they did. They constantly reminded me to smile and just be happy, whilst dealing with everyone else.

Even till this day they have always shown professionalism and patience when dealing with me and I’m sure my husband can vouch when I say you need to have a lot of patience with me to the point it gets frustrating. They are still patiently waiting for me to give them the changes but everytime I watch the trailer they made for me it just makes me forget everything and a year later I still can’t get over it. I couldn’t love it anymore!! They are a little bit more on the pricey side but I promise you, you get your moneys worth and even more.

LOVE YOU GUYS AND THANK YOUUU AND I AM SO SORRY THIS IS SUPER LATE!! I don’t deserve you guys honestly. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much <3

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