aniq & shama

by the storytellers

OMG What can I say!! Honestly book Ayaans for your event I cannot tell you the service they provided! They are so involved and make you feel like your talking to your family member makes it so stress free you feel like you can leave them to it and not need to tell them anything as they go above and beyond to what you imagine your videos or pictures will look like. My teaser trailer came out 2 days after my wedding me and my husband and family were screaming with excitement the video was seriously a tease to the fact we could not wait to see the full trailer. Junaid spoke to us 2 hours or more I would say discussing with us our journey of the events as to what each detail would be and how the event would go it made me so happy to know that they knew what would happen each event and what time it would be happening. When the official trailer came out I cant explain the emotions me my husband were going through he was so so proud of his trailer he went to showing family to friends to people all over from singapore to Bali, Malaysia, South Korea to Hong Kong from our honeymoon even they said they felt like they were watching a movie! We honestly will cherish this for all our lives and 10000% will be booking Ayaans for the next family wedding just wished we had more events for Ayaan to record it was worth every single penny. Thanks so much from Mr and Mrs Chaudhry. X

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