Kabir & Sofia



We were recommended Ayaans films by a family friend and to be very honest the minute we saw their work on youtube and instagram we were totally in love straight away.. we booked them for my mehndi and wedding day and each event was captured so beautifully. they really are as they say a visual storyteller. when we watched our wedding trailer on instagram it was so beautiful that we immeditely knew they had done a fab job. they captured every detail and every happy to sad teary moment so well and they did not just capture moments through one camera but they captured every angle through different lens..honestly can’t praise them enough.. and not to forget totally love my personalised packaging in which they sent my movie along with a beautiful gift. overall it was a great experience and they made everything so comfortable for us that we can’t fault them at all. will recommened them to family and friends for sure.. thank you so much 🙂

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