Zubair & Shakera



“Ayaans – The Storytellers” are the best at what they do and more. We were always going to choose Ayaans as they have done great jobs with our family member’s weddings in the past. Their levels of quality and detail in capturing the best shots are beyond amazing and they take a lot of pride in their work to get it perfect for the customer. From the first day of meeting Junaid, he was eager to get all the details of how the wedding day was going to plan out in order for the Ayaans team to prepare and provide the best service.

On the wedding day, Ayaans were absolutely great attending both the bride and groom’s (myself) houses and were very friendly with family members and friends and got to work taking pictures and videos.

All in all, we knew the standards and quality of Ayaans and they lived up to it and we couldn’t have been more happier. They honestly treat you like family in a stressful time but they instead made life a lot easier as they did so much more that didn’t need to be done.

Ayaans will definitely be recommended to others by us and in regards to family, we will make them get Ayaans lol.

Thanks so much again.

Zubair & Shakera.

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