Ayaans films history

You have probably just come across Ayaans Films or you may have been a follower of our work for many years.  Regardless of which category you fall into here is a quick insight about how and why Team Ayaans Films launched.

My name is Junaid Khan and I am the founder of Ayaans Films.

Why Ayaans Films came about?

I got married in 2009 and can honestly say I wasn’t financially doing too great to cover my costs of the wedding in general.  This initiated a process of  what I can compromise on to reduce my costs via the process of elimination.  (Read on to see my biggest compromise)

Yes, you guessed it, I chose to compromise on my Video and Photography team who were there to capture my biggest and favourite moment of my life.  

At this point I had no clue the importance of the media team had and opted to go for the cheapest option (Which was someone my uncle knew!! Typical Hmm!)

So then came the Wedding events, media team arrived, captured my day and left us with a smile and a bucket full of promises.

After the delivery time they promised of 3 months expired, i started chasing my wedding videographer to provide me with my products.  The Team would not pick up my calls, messages or return my emails.

Yes you guessed it again! After months and months of chasing them I ended up with no memories from my special day.

Long Story short based on my personal experience.

These are the only memories that will be left for you to look back at as your grow grey and old.
Nobody can deny the sentimental value a wedding event holds.
So many loved ones get together to celebrate the marriage of 2 people with family & friends.
So much love and emotion from family members.
Now if these moments are not captured and documented properly and professionally I believe there is no point spending £20k plus on an asian wedding.

How Ayaans Films came about!

So after not receiving my product me, my wife and family got very distressed about the whole situation.
I thought what can I do to help others not lose their memories from their biggest day.

It was a very common issue in the wedding industry during 2009/10 with other family and friends that got married during the same time as me whereby the couples received a bad service from their videographer and photography team.

So after some thought, I started researching into the industry of Wedding Film making and Photography.
I invested into workshops and online tutorials and a lot of practice hours to do my first wedding in late 2010.

Then over the years, I managed to build an in house team who understand the values of my business and would never compromise on the delivery of our products.

If you have not already, you can head over to our testimonials on google to read about the experiences of our couples who dive into the beautiful journey me and my team did for them via words of gratefulness.

Why Should you choose Team Ayaans Films for your big day?

Well this is the most impotant question really.
Well, based on my personal experience and our great feedback from our couples you should have enough confidence that you will receive a great amount of support, tips and Final Product you will receive by the end of your journey with us.

The team I have in place are highly skilled in capturing every tear drop to every laughter to every sentimental moment from ones big day.

My team have mastered how to do this in an unobtrusive manner ensuring we respect all guests and remain polite and with a smile throughout your big day.

Remember, your Videographer and Photographers represent you (the couple) so be sure to Invest in the right team.

So, if you have managed to read this all the way to the end I think you are probably quite serious about booking us.
So why don’t you contact us via the contact form or directly via Whatsapp using the Whatsapp us button on the bottom of your screen.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Junaid Khan,
The Storyteller at Ayaans Films.

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